Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Storyteller Award for March 2010 - L. Diane Wolfe

The Storyteller Award for March 2010 goes to L. Diane Wolfe.

Wolfe is an incredible author. She writes the wonderful Circle of Friends series, a series of five interconnected young adult novels about real people living out real lives.

Her books have captured the hearts of many not only because they are well written, but because they feature such real people dealing with very touch situations. Wolfe isn’t afraid to tackle some very serious issues facing the youth of today including death, bereavement, guilt, abuse, alcoholism and other.

What’s more, she handles these issues with grace and aplomb. Her books never come off as preachy or saccharine and she never talks down to her audience. She writes from the heart and this shows on every page and in every word.

Each book also has a message threaded into its storyline. And when you discover that message, when you realize what Wolfe has been trying to say through her character, everything takes on a new and sharper light.

She is an amazing Storyteller. You can find out more about her here:


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